dip, eat, moon.

“There Are Always Fluctuations In The Market, For All kind Of Reasons. You can blame others for what they tweet (their freedom). Or You Can Take Advantage Of The Opportunities.”
@CZ_BINANCE (twitter post 05:44 17/05/2021)


Total Supply
Fair Launch
No Presale


A fighting bull

857,375,000,000 Lots of opportunities for everyone to eat some dips.
  • 🔥 35% TO BE BURNED!
  • 15% allocated to MARKETING!
  • 10% Team Tokens
  • 40% Liquidity Pool – Locked


Un-healthy dips

This token is created with automatic deflation on each transaction.
💰 10% Per transaction split 2 ways
💰 5% is permanently burned
💰 other 5% is redistributed to existing HODLER’s


moon rockets

Eat The Dip is a fantastic token with moon shot potential.
🚀 Fully Equipped Space Launch System
🚀 Experienced Spaceship Engineers
🚀 Automated Flight Control Systems

How To Buy

  1. Download the app Trust Wallet on android or MetaMask on an iPhone.
  1. You can Purchase  directly via Trust Wallet or metamask.
  2. To Buy Tokens Just click the PANCAKESWAP button on our homepage.
  3. Contract address for ($EAT) 0x131daf4ee0c68962180a43713bcd3923c04d1820
  4. Before swapping, click on the cog wheel and set the slippage to between 10-15%
  5. Enter the amount you want to Buy and Hit the swap button > Click confirm in the next window


Eat the dip finance $EAT represents an ideology which stems from the patience and discipline needed to execute at the right moment. And what moment is that you ask? during the dips, of course!

Fully managed token with 24 hour team members on telegram.

Eat The Dip will enter the market as a fair launch token via PancakeSwap and will dominate the Cryptoworld immediately becoming the fastest selling cryptocurrency token on the galaxy. Eat The Dip is interstellar and will be used to make payments on other planets and moons in the future.

Please Upvote and Comment on Our Reddit Post! Our Success is Your Lambo.

✅ Application to CoinGecko

✅ Application To CMC

✅ Sent in application to CoinHunt and Other Crypto Exchange

✅18th May Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Discord and more social media  accounts launched.


✅19th Reaching out to our vast network of telegram & discord groups with thousands of members worldwide.

✅21th May More Telegram Group Marketing in Persian, Turkey, Arabic, Indian, Spanish, Italian and German language with Support

✅30th May 5,000 Telegram Group Members Target

✅04/06/21: Cryptocurrency Press release Bitcoin Insider, coinspeaker, CryptoNewsledger and DailyBitcoinJournal, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo News and Google News.

✅05/06/21: 100K Influencer Promotion TicTok, Instagram and Youtube 

✅07/06/21: Blogger Outreach and Guest Post on Medium, LifeHack etc

✅10/06/21: 200K Influencer Promotion 

✅12/06/21 Press Release and Guest Post  

✅16/06/21 *Adopt A Penguin In The London Zoo*  Take A Dip.

 ✅17/06/21: CMC Listing Update on Telegram

✅ 18/06/21: Binance,  Coinbase and other exchanges.

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disclaimer, Terms and Conditions

Please under the risk involved in decentralised exchanges and cryptocurrency before placing buying Eat The Dip on PancakeSwap. Eat The Dip does not own or operate PancakeSwap can and cannot provide any technical support to open and close trades. Your token balance can increase and decrease with every transaction of placed on Eat The Dip on pancakeswap.
Eat The Dip team are not financial advisor, nor are we stock brokers, nor are investment bankers. Eat The Dip (BSCSCAN Symbol: EAT) is a mean token and not a financial instrument of any kind.

We will not accept any loss, damage or liability which may result from you purchasing Eat The Dip tokens from pancakeswap. Please be aware of the inherent risk of investing and trading in the cryptocurrency market. Do not trade with money you can not afford to lose and make sure to consult a qualified financial advisor before making any decisions.

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